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ECOS Mining Review 2022- is it Profitable or Not?

About ECOS Mining

ECOS is the only mining company that operates with legal status. It was established in 2017 in Armenia in the Free Economic Zone and is getting all the power for mining from Hrazdan TPP. Currently, the company is offering its services to over 200,000 users from all over the world.

Besides, ECOS is more than cloud mining. It is the first full-fledged investment platform with all digital asset products and tools in one ecosystem. It also includes a crypto wallet, exchange, investment portfolios with the most promising coins, and all infrastructure for building your own mining farm.


  • Sign up for ECOS and get a free cloud mining contract for 1 month to test the platform
  • Convenient calculator on the website for choosing a mining contract with profitability forecast
  • Daily payments and detailed transaction history into your account
  • Withdrawals from 0.001 BTC
  • ECOS has a convenient mobile app. It is available on App Store and Google Play
  • Multilingual interface and user support


  • Convenient mobile app
  • The minimum investment is $25
  • Free trial period


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Available on:

  • Website
  • IOS
  • Android

ECOS Mining

Before we start with this in-depth Ecos mining review, let us first zoom over the fact that cloud mining is a highly speculative investment.

about ECOS mining
ECOS Mining Review 2022- is it Profitable or Not? - Customer care

ECOS is a cloud mining platform that allows you to mine bitcoins without purchasing and maintaining special equipment.

Speaking of the cryptocurrency market, it is estimated to be worth more than $500 billion. Needless to say, it is one of the most sought-after commodities.

Mining Cryptocurrency is another popular way of making passive income. The cryptocurrency mining process is managed by software that you download to your computer.

You know Bitcoin continues to grow, but it is much harder to mine than it was five years ago.

In this review, we’re going to have a closer look at what kind of mining services ECOS provides, its safety and reliability, how much it costs, and most importantly, whether or not it will make the right choice for you.

ECOS Mining Review Features

ECOS mining was established in 2018 and became the first resident of the Free Economic Zone of Armenia (FEZ).

ECOS is a crypto investment platform to help you start earning bitcoins! It contains the most necessary tools for working with digital assets: cloud bitcoin mining, buying equipment with high hash power, crypto wallet, exchanger, and cryptocurrency portfolios.

ECOS is an example of how to make cryptocurrency mining a profitable, reliable, and legal business. It has several key advantages that are not available to most competitors. 

LicenseSince 2017
Electricity Supplier Hrazdan TPP
Payment MethodsVisa, Mastercard, BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP
Mining Rates DIfferent offers based on the amount of investment
Language Supported12 languages
Services offeredWallets, Exchange, cloud mining, ASIC Shop, ECOS Staking, Ecos Pay , ECOS Academy
Welcome BonusGreat Welcome Bonus
DIscord Award $100 BTC mining contracts
Customer SupportChat and Email Support

Pros And Cons

Bitcoin mining is the process of creating a new bitcoin by solving a computational puzzle. Bitcoin mining is necessary to maintain the ledger of transactions upon which Bitcoin is based. Miners have become very sophisticated over the past several years, using complex machinery to speed up mining operations.

ECOS Company is an infrastructural DeFi platform that provides products and tools to generate income from digital assets.

ECOS Bonuses and Promotions

I have found a large variety of Bonuses for its customer, I was amazed to see such a good offer by any Mining firm.

Following is the list of offers available for customers

  • ECOS Auction
  • Welcome Bonus
  • Be Active
  • ECOS Gift Certificates
  • Get your Birthday Present
  • Double your investment
  • Super Unique offer from ECOS
  • ECOS 90 days Summer Promo
ecos mining
ECOS Mining Review 2022- is it Profitable or Not? - Customer care

ECOS Auction

ECOS Auction on Telegram twice a week, there are more than 6 125 active members.

Welcome Bonus.

If you are just starting your crypto journey first of all make sure to register with this link to get a welcome trial Bitcoin mining contract.

Be Active.

Be the Most Active on the Discord server and win Prize (will get three $100 BTC mining contracts)

What do you need to do to take part?

  1. Join the server
  2. Invite your friends to join as well
  3. Send the news of the crypto industry and memes to the ECOS server
  4. Be active every day: discuss the news, ECOS services, your payouts, and so on (all crypto-related things)
  5. Take part in ECOS polls

ECOS Gift Certificates.

 ECOS Gift Certificates for Bitcoin mining is the best choice for the present!

How to use the ECOS gift certificate?

  1. Download the ECOS app from App Store or Google Play
  2. Create your account in the App
  3. Activate a promo code in the “More” section

Get your Birthday Present.

Buy any Bitcoin mining contract during your Birthday week (3 days before your Birthday, the Birthday itself, and 3 days after your Birthday) and get extra 7 days added to your purchased contract!? 

All you need to do is to send proof of your Birthday to ECOS HelpDesk and the present will be added to the contract that you indicate. 

Double your Investment.

Buy any Bitcoin mining contract this week and get your contract doubled for 1 EXTRA month!

After you selected and purchased a mining contract – send an email to for an extra contract to be added.

The promo is valid from May 20 to May 31, 2022.

Super Unique offer From ECOS.

Get an exclusive Time Offer of up to 30% as the mining equipment manufacturer BITMAIN decreased their prices for a limited period.

You just cannot miss this best opportunity, which is absolutely unique!

The discounts are provided for the following Bitcoin mining contracts:

$200 – $170 Bitcoin mining contract (15% OFF)
$500 – $415 Bitcoin mining contract (17% OFF)
$1000 – $800 Bitcoin mining contract (20% OFF)
$3000 – $2250 Bitcoin mining contract (25% OFF)
$5000 – $3500 Bitcoin mining contract (30% OFF)

The offer is valid for 3 days only! So be really quick.

ECOS 90-days Summer Promo

Win 90 TH/s to mine Bitcoins

How to take part:

  1. Select any Bitcoin mining contract on the ECOS website or in the ECOS app and buy it to get a chance to win 90 TH/s hash power!
  2. The dates of the promotion: June 01, 2022 – August 31, 2022
  3. The participants of the promotion can win 3 prizes: 3 * 90 TH/s Bitcoin mining contracts
  4. The more mining contracts you buy – the more chances you have to win an extra contract!
  5. The winners will be picked up on September 01, 2022, randomly and the results will be announced on ECOS social media.

Get your lucky investment in ECOS – earn crypto and win!

Electricity Provider

ECOS mining company signed an agreement with Hrazdan TPP, to allocate over 200mw of power capacity in the Free Economic Zone in Armenia, where a commercial data mining center is built and designed for thousands of devices. The company has its own special cloud mining service at the Free Economic Zone in Armeria, with cheap electricity rates and no income taxes, NAT, properties, customs duties, and real estate.

What ECOS mining Offers

  • ECOS has a system to make a daily payout to its clients so they’re not storing revenues that you’re generating. Payments are automatic.
  • ECOS provides you the facility to mine from real equipment. You rent their equipment and use it to earn some real cash. There is flexibility to choose the duration for which you want to mine and according to that, there are various packages offered by ECOS Cloud Mining solutions.
  • Repair work of equipment, electricity supply, and every maintenance activity are taken care of by ECOS staff. It’s all included in the service charge and you don’t have to spend an extra penny on anything separately.
  • ECOS mining contracts are intended to protect you from receiving cryptocurrency through illegal transactions and account blocking. Having its own secure data center, dealing with bitcoin is safest with ECOS.


  • Legality. ECOS was founded with the support of the Republic of Armenia, so you avoid any scam risks.
  • Tax incentives. The mining center is located in the Free Economic Zone of Armenia, where residency exempts ECOS from paying taxes, making cloud mining even more profitable.
  • Affordable electricity. ECOS has an active agreement with the Hrazdan TPP to supply up to 200 MW of electricity at a reduced price. Moreover, the Hrazdan TPP is a co-founder of the company, eliminating any problems with electricity.
  • The best equipment. ECOS is purchasing miners directly from the largest ASIC manufacturer in the world Bitmain. Now the company uses Antminer S19 Pro with a hash rate of 110 Th/s, which mines your bitcoins as efficiently as possible.
  • Wide range of contracts. You can choose a suitable contract by the expiration date, investment size, risk profile, and even the expected bitcoin price on the site.
  • Quick support. The company quickly answers users’ questions both on the website and on social networks. And the ECOS community on Telegram has almost 15,000 members.

Services provided by ECOS

There are a number of services provided by ECOS apart from mining which can be used by the miner for their personal use. Below is the list of some services provided by ECOS.

ECOS services

ECOS Staking

ECOS Staking is a storage process (holding) of means in the wallet for receiving remuneration. This tool gives an opportunity to get the estimated income as simply as possible. You don’t need to execute the transactions or carry out another difficult task. Users may get the highest possible profit under the same level of risks.

ECOS Portfolio

ECOS Portfolio is a tool for investment in portfolios of digital assets. ECOS offers portfolios with various indicators of risk/return ratio. Any user with or without experience could select a portfolio.

ECOS Mining

Cloud mining gives an opportunity to lease real capacity equipment for BTC mining.
The advantage of ECOS Mining among similar services is the lowest commission at service operators, competitive value of electricity and the absence of tax encumbers. Regarding the fact that ECOS DeFi Platform is a resident of a free economic zone with special tax conditions.

ECOS Fixed Income

ECOS fixed income portfolio is a tool for establishing a steady flow of fixed income. FIP is a portfolio formed from all investment products of the ECOS DeFi Platform. The portfolio consists of Staking, Mining, and Invest Portfolio. The user gets the opportunity to receive a maximally high income with minimal risks. We are teetering this portfolio not only on falling within cryptocurrencies but also on products.

ECOS Wallets:

ECOS Wallet allows you to manage digital assets and collect NFT in one place. It’s an easy and safe way to store cryptocurrency assets.

ECOS Exchange

ECOS Exchange is a tool operating in the ECOS wallet for digital assets exchange without hidden expenses and additional service fees. This is an instant, safe and convenient exchange of more than 200 coins.

ECOS Academy

ECOS Academy is an educational aspect of the ECOS DeFi Platform which provides knowledge enabling users to get started earning quickly. We know about the beginners’ difficulties so we’ve created an academy. It’s a guide that will gradually introduce you to the key ideas of DeFi, DAO, and other elements of cryptocurrency economics.


ECOS Pay is a debit card for daily use on an equal basis with traditional means of payment. The user can pay for any goods and services with the help of the ECOS Wallet’s account and digital assets.

How Does ECOS Mining Work?

ECOS works with its clients according to different cloud mining contracts, which serve as a kind of agreement for the lease of facilities for the mining of cryptocurrencies. You will have a couple of options in this regard. When deciding on the best-suiting one, keep in mind that the more power you acquire, the more Bitcoins you mine.

  1. Register – By indicating your phone number, you will receive 10 Th / s as a gift;
  2. Choose a contract that suits your needs – Pay attention to the following characteristics: duration, risk profile, expected BTC price, and required power. It is quite simple to do this since the platform has a convenient calculator that shows the expected return on your investment;
  3. Pay for the contract – You will have five options here. You can pick a credit card, BTC, ETH, LTС, or XRP;
  4. Track the process – in a dashboard, you will see your current balance, the number of BTC mined, and profit stats for the last two weeks. You can also see which contract brought you the most BTC here.

The ECOS mining platform has been made with ease of mind, so no tech knowledge or experience is needed to use it.

How to Register at ECOS Mining

To purchase a service pack, you need to register an account on the ECOS Mining US website, make a deposit, and pay for one of the offers. To create an account, follow this algorithm:

ECOS mining registration
  • Click on the “Register” button on the site of the service;
  • Pick a password;
  • Enter your email address;
  • Press “Next;”
  • Confirm your email address by following the verification link.

According to ECOS Mining reviews, by creating a profile at ECOS Mining, you get a gift – 10 TH per second.

How to withdraw money at ECOS Mining?

To withdraw earned funds, you need to follow five simple steps:

  1. Go to the “Wallets and withdrawal” tab
  2. Enter your wallet address
  3. Enter withdrawal amount
  4. Determine the speed of the transaction (the cost of the commission charged by the bitcoin network depends on it)
  5. Press the “Withdraw” button

Get your prizes- Most Active Users In ECOS Discord

Be the most active user on the ECOS Discord server and win prizes!

Subscribe to the ECOS Discord server and be active to win prizes!

What do you need to do to take part?

  1. Join the server
  2. Invite your friends to join as well
  3. Send the news of the crypto industry and memes to the ECOS server
  4. Be active every day: discuss the news, ECOS services, your payouts, and so on (all crypto-related things)
  5. Take part in ECOS polls

We will announce the three lucky winners on Dec 28 who will get three $100 BTC mining contracts!
The winners will be picked up by the ECOS admin team.
The winners will be picked up if the number of server participants reaches at least 1000.

ECOS mining rates and profitability

ECOS mining does not offer general tariff packages, focusing on individual contracts with personalized parameters. Clients themselves choose a suitable offer based on the amount of investment, the duration of the contract, the forecast of the bitcoin price, and the service fee.

The calculator calculates the approximate profitability of cloud mining and compares it to the potential profit that you could get from mining yourself. It depends on many factors that cannot be accurately calculated, but the calculations often coincide when viewed in retrospect.

The contract value ranges from $149 to $2000, so both industry beginners and experienced investors can mine cryptocurrency. Also, ECOS mining has special welcome contracts from $49, and auction ones start from $10.

A unique calculator available on ECOS mining will directly calculate the expected mining profitability and compare it with buying cryptocurrency. For example, you are a cautious investor with no experience with cryptocurrencies.

ECOS mining Calculator

Such an investor’s risk profile will most likely be conservative, and the contract period is about twelve months. The amount of investment is small, for example, $500. The expected value of bitcoin is only ten thousand more expensive than today (based on the recent rally). In total, having invested $500, a cautious investor will earn about $282 above his investment.

Customer Care

ECOS mining platform’s customer care is very supportive and tries to get the issue resolved as soon as possible, you can contact customer care via Chat or Email.

Customer care
ECOS Mining Review 2022- is it Profitable or Not? - Customer care


ECOS mining is a legal and reliable way to make money on cryptocurrency, avoid all kinds of risks, and get maximum benefits without a lot of industry experience. ECOS provides new clients with a free contract in the order for they can test the platform.

Is ECOS mining legit?

Eco mining is a legitimate way to make money online, it's just like any other type of mining that encourages you to put in your time and effort for it to work out. It can be a bit tricky at first because you need to know how the different ECOS’ work, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be earning some extra cash before you know it. It’s also a rising trend in the digital marketing world.

How does ECOS cloud mining work?

The company uses the latest technology to mine cryptocurrencies using its hardware and software. They have a team of experts with years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry. ECOS offers many different plans for their customers based on how much they are willing to spend on cloud mining.

Is ECOS safe?

The company was established in the Free Economic Zone with the support of the Armenian government, which guarantees the legal security of your investments.
You can always read reviews on TrustPilot, FoxyRating, and Cryptocompare. Most users rate the service as excellent

Is mining crypto worth it?

As time goes on, mining Bitcoin becomes more difficult, as more miners compete for the next block reward. Today, Bitcoin mining as an individual is rarely profitable unless someone has access to extra low-cost electricity.

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