12 Best cryptocurrency to invest in now – top cryptocurrencies 2021

The world of cryptocurrency is moving really fast. Cryptocurrency as an investment option seems to be rising exponentially. Well, the numbers certainly are.

Of late, the top cryptocurrencies have been attracting as many crypto traders and investors as gold, penny stocks or real estate, if not more.

The article lists the 12 Best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019 which has huge potential in the future.

Bitcoin is a trendsetter of today’s budding cryptocurrency market.

At the starting of the year 2017, Bitcoin was valued at 1000$ and at the start of the last year (2018) Bitcoin was trading at a whopping $14000.

After a period of decline. Now again Bitcoin and altcoins price is soaring to their last 12 months high.

If you had lost the opportunity to make fortunes from the last year top cryptocurrencies growth. Don’t lose heart this article is tailor-made for you.

This is the correct time to invest in cryptocurrencies as experts predicting Bitcoin price to surpassed above 20000$ at the end of this year.

If the price of Bitcoin will increase so do the price of altcoins.

There are few old and new top cryptocurrencies which have huge potential to burst in the coming years.

As these are new and low-valued in comparison to Bitcoin, and thus, have more chance to grow over the period of time.

And let me remind you that a bitcoin’s value has grown to this price in almost 8+ years.

There are more than 2500+ cryptocurrencies listed at the altcoins market

I have deeply researched and shortlisted 12 best cryptocurrency to invest in now (stable cryptocurrencies) on the basis of a few key factors:

  1. Fundamental concepts and mechanics of the cryptocurrency
  2. Cryptocoin real-world usage or its utility
  3. The development team behind the project
  4. Purpose and the future scope of the coin.
  5. Background of the investors (prominent investors add credibility to the blockchain project)
  6. Cryptocurrency daily trading volume and a total market cap of the cryptocurrency
  7. The price pattern of the cryptocurrency
  8. Demand and availability of the coin (Cryptocurrency with high utility & demand compare to low availability (scarcity) increase the value of the coin)

I am sure a majority of the below listed promising cryptocurrencies will be 5x to 10x of the current price in 2 to 3 Years time.

12 Best cryptocurrency to invest in now – top cryptocurrencies 2021

1. Cardano

Cardano coin one of best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019

Cardano is an open source smart contracts platform launched in 2015.

Cardano is similar to Ethereum, with a focus on security through a layered architecture.

Like Ethereum, Cardano will feature the ability to create Dapps and code the smart the economy in the prevailing technological world.

It’s the first blockchain project to be created from scientific philosophy and built on a research-driven approach.

Cardano is home to the Ada (an altcoin), which can be used to send and receive digital funds.

This digital cash represents the future of money, making possible fast, direct transfers that are guaranteed to be secure through the use of cryptography.

Cardano is a tenth most tradeable cryptocurrency with a market cap of $$2.18 B and priced 0.08$ to 0.15$.

Cardano has shown rapid growth in the last six months outperforming many top cryptocurrencies like Dash, Monero, and more.

Cardano coin is the first on our list of best cryptocurrency to invest in now (2019).

Because of its advanced blockchain technology & its acceptance by the cryptocurrency world makes it one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019.

You can expect a high return in 2 to 3 years.

I had bought $200 Cardano coin at the price $0.08. Hopefully, It will yield a high return

Check the complete current and historical market stats of the ADA

2. Ethereum –

Ethereum cryptocoin one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019

Ethereum is the second tradable crypto coin after Bitcoin on the altcoins market and undeniably one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in now ( 2019).

It has shown impressive growth rates in the year 2017, proving itself as a game-changer and a rival to Bitcoin.

Although Ethereum operates publicly like Bitcoin, it comes with some features of its own.

Created by 19-year-old Vitalik Buterin in 2015, Ethereum is a decentralized software platform that enables smart contracts and Distributed Applications (ĐApps) to be built and run without any downtime, fraud, control or interference from a third party.

The biggest difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum is the use of blockchain technology. While Bitcoin’s blockchain technology records contracts, showing how digital funds have moved from one place to another, Etherum has expanded this concept.

The Ethereum blockchain technology uses a far more complex scripting language, and its smart contracts can form complex applications that have a broad range of potential uses.

That’s how Steven Gay of 99 Bitcoins explain Bitcoin vs Ethereum

Due to the Ethereum features and its potential to change the world forever, it has caught everyone’s attention including corporations like Microsoft, Mastercard, BP, National Bank of Canada, Intel, Samsung, Toyota, Cisco, and other market giants. 

In 2016, an Ethereum-based VC known as The DAO amassed a huge amount of ether in a crowd sale, just to have almost a third stolen by a hacker. The event shook the online community, leading to a huge price drop.

Following the attack on the DAO in 2016, Ethereum was split into Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC). But the Ethereum price is relatively stable since then.

There was even a period when the market cap of Ethereum got slipped at third after Bitcoin and Ripple token at the start of 2018

But Ethereum coin regains its position and currently trading at $313 on altcoin trading platforms.

Some experts even predict within 5 years Ethereum price will surpass the price of Bitcoin.

Ethereum is a veteran and a stable cryptocurrency and it is not going anywhere.

In fact, its utility will keep increasing. There is no doubt its price will increase in the coming years. Ethereum can be considered the safest cryptocurrency to invest in now.

Buy Ethereum from the list of best Ethereum exchanges

Check the complete market stats of Ethereum

3. Binance Coin

Binance coin one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in now 2019

Binance coin is a native cryptocurrency of Binance altcoin trading platform.

As Binance exchange has grown with leap and bounds so does it’s native token BNB.

BNB was an ICO launched with the launch of Binance exchangeBNB is an ERC20 token built on Ethereum.

Binance coin has a total supply of 200 M in which 50% was sold on ICO.

40% of the team and 10% to the Angel investors. Angel investors are those investors who buy the coin in bulk.

Binance Coin can be used to pay fees on Binance exchange.

Binance exchange also offers 50% rebate to those investors which pay fess in BNB in place of BTC.

In your first year of membership at Binance exchange, you will receive a 50% discount on the fee.

In the second year of membership, the discount will decrease to 25%.

Subsequently, in the fourth year of your membership in Binance exchange, there will be no fee discount.

But overall you will always be in profit.

Binance coin is the 7th best cryptocurrency according to the trading volume which is quite an achievement in a year and a half.

At the time of writing this post, the market cap of BNB token is $5 B and priced at $35.5. There is 140.35 M BNB available for supply.

It is a quite remarkable cryptocurrency which able to maintain the price and trading volume irrespective of the status of the market.

Binance token is third on the list of best cryptocurrency to invest in now (2019) and unquestionably one of the top cryptocurrencies to watch out for future.

Check the complete stats of BCN

4.Litecoin —

 one of the top cryptocurrency to invest in now 2019

Litecoin was launched on 13 October 2011, founded by Charles Lee, ranked fourth on the list of best cryptocurrency to invest in now 2019.

Litecoin was among the initial cryptocurrencies following bitcoin and was often referred to as ‘silver to Bitcoin’s gold.’

It’s also an open-source pear-to-pear digital currency the same as Bitcoin and works on its own blockchain technology.

Which has a faster block generation rate hence offers a fast transaction confirmation in comparison to Bitcoin?

In short, the Litecoin network has virtually zero commissions and allows you to send and receive payments at a rate 5 times faster than Bitcoin.

The trend of Litecoin has always followed the Bitcoin. For quite some time, Litecoin was nothing more than a distant competitor for Bitcoin. Though it was far less valuable, it was still there as a potential alternative.

The breakthrough came in in May 2017 when the world’s one of the renowned Bitcoin exchange called “CoinBase”started to use Litecoin alongside Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Additionally, this top cryptocurrency has also adopted “Segregated Witness” blockchain technology which fixes problems that Bitcoin has yet to solve.

The solution adds more capacity to the network and reduces transaction fees. Litecoin is the second most accepted cryptocurrency on websites that accept digital currency payments.

Litecoin could truly be a viable alternative to Bitcoin in the coming years.

The market cap of Litecoin is $8.34 B with a price of around $130 for 1 Litecoin. Litecoin is the fourth most tradable crypto asset on the trading platforms.

Litecoin without a doubt is one of the top cryptocurrencies to invest in 2019.

Note – Litecoin is a serious contender to Bitcoin. After all my research I concluded Litecoin is the best cryptocurrency to invest in now. It is a must buy cryptocurrency if you are seriously planning to invest in cryptocurrency for long-term.

Check the complete market stats of LTC

5. Ripple coin

ripple coin one of the best cryptocoin to invest in now 2019

Ripple is a real-time gross settlement system network by Ripple software company.

The Ripple network was launched in 2012, by Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb, founder of the OpenCoin company.

First, let me make a clear distinction between Ripple and XRP (commonly referred as Ripple coin)

There is a lot of confusion about both these terms in cryptocurrency community

Ripple is a software company which provides a real-time gross settlement system for global payments. Ripple network is the payment network system offered by the Ripple.

On the other hand, XRP (also commonly referred as  Ripple XRP, Ripple XRP coin, and Ripple coin) is the native cryptocurrency launched by Ripple labs and works on the Ripple payment network.

       whenever we talk about Ripple coin it technically means XRP token

Although, Ripple works on blockchain technology XRP token is completely different than Bitcoin.

As Bitcoin was born with the aim of completely bypassing banks and financial institutions for the transaction.

Ripple token is born with the precise purpose i.e.working with banks to change the way they send money to the world” as stated on their website.

It is a Centralised and pre-mined currency. Currently, Ripple is the third most tradable cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and Ethereum on cryptocurrency exchanges

Companies like UniCredit, Santander and hundreds of financial institutions (such as Bank of America, Bank of England, and the Bank of Japan) have implemented the Ripple network into their system.

Meanwhile, XRP live price is $0.4 and there is 42.57 B XRP available for supply.

If you are ready to invest for the long-term even for a few months. Ripple coin can yield very high returns because of it’s high utility.

Remember there is a finite number of XRP token (100 B) in which 60 Billion XRP holds by the Ripple net.

Last year Ripple overall annual growth was staggering 3800 %. If you have invested $100 at the starting of 2017 you could have ended up with $3600 in your wallet.

Realistically, Ripple coin price will not stay $0.4 to $0.6 for long it will burst.

It’s not a matter of “if,” it’s a matter of when.

One thing I can conclude for sure Ripple coin will create new crypto millionaires

XRP is the third most tradable Cryptocoin at altcoins market and fifth on our list of best cryptocurrency to invest in now (2019) for high future returns.

Buy XRP with every possible payment method in any part of the world

Check the complete market stats of the token

6. Bitcoin Cash

one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019

In August 2017, the Bitcoin blockchain spun off a more nimble iteration called Bitcoin cash.

It’s essentially identical to Bitcoin, but with the important distinction that it has more block size capacity.

The biggest reason Bitcoin cash was created because of Bitcoin scalability limitation.

Let me make it simple for you.

Bitcoin transactions are completed when a “block” is added to the blockchain.

A full 1Mb Bitcoin block generally contains around 2000 transactions and generally takes around ten minutes to process.

If you compare this to the 2,000 transactions per second that Visa can handle, you can see how scaling has been holding Bitcoin back

Hence, Bitcoin Cash is a solution to the Bitcoin scalability problem.

It increases the block size to 8Mb. Bitcoin cash is priced $414 and there is about 17.86 M BCH available for supply.

Still, this fifth most tradable cryptocoin can prove to be one of the top cryptocurrencies to buy now.

Bitcoin cash is sixth on our list of best cryptocurrency to invest in now 2019.

Check the complete stats of BCH

7. Dash coin

one of the top cryptocurrency to buy now

Dash (originally known as Darkcoin) is based closely on bitcoin software. It can be mentioned as another more private version of Bitcoin, branded as a privacy-centric digital currency with instant transactions.

Dash offers more anonymity as it works on a decentralized master code network that makes transactions almost untraceable

Dash also offers instant transactions, whereas bitcoin transactions can take several minutes.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about transaction delay as it instantly appears to the person on the other side of the transaction.

On top of that, there are low fees that come with Dash even in some cases it’s free to send Dash.

Launched in 2014, Dash has a huge member base and the 15th most tradable cryptocurrency on the crypto platform

Given the technical advantages of Dash coin, it is here to stay.

Maybe its price will not get 10 fold in coming years but it won’t prove a bad investment either.

Dash unequivocally a viable contender for the best cryptocurrency to invest in now 2019

Check the current and historical market stats of the coin

8. Monero

Monero one of the best cryptocurreny to invest in now 2019

Monero is a secure, private, and untraceable digital currency launched in April 2014 that focuses on privacy and decentralization.

Since its launch, Monero manages to maintain a consistent high daily trading volume.

Monero is 13th tradeable cryptocurrency at altcoins market

Monero is completely crowdfunded and donation based. Monero is based on the CryptoNote protocol algorithm.

This algorithm was invented to add multiple privacy features not seen in most cryptocurrencies.

For this, it uses a special technique called ‘ring signatures.’

Unlike Bitcoin where a transaction can be tracked.

This algorithm makes it nearly impossible to track any kind of processed transactions between addresses.

Neither the number of funds on an address can be determined.

This was a major upgrade over Bitcoin and make Monero more secure and untraceable cryptocurrency.

Originally launched as BitMonero, later shortened their name to Monero.

1 Monero coin costs $99 and there is 17.07 M XMR available for supply at the time of writing the post. Monero is the 13th most tradable cryptocoin on the trading platforms.

Monero coin stands at 8th place on the list of best cryptocurrency to invest in now 2019

Check the real-time market stats of XMR

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9. NEO

Neo coin one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in right now 2019

NEO was founded in 2014 and is a real-time open source on GitHub in June 2015.

NEO also is known as Chinese Ethereum as it also supports smart contracts like Ethereum.

NEO has been created to shift our traditional economy into the new era of the “Smart Economy”.

Neo works on the below-shown structure

Digital assets + Digital Identity + Smart Contracts = Smart Economy

NEO is all about creating the structure where one digital asset is easily transferable, where digital identity is impregnable and where smart contracts make the whole system works smoothly.

NEO currently is 14th most tradable cryptocoin on the altcoin trading platforms. There is 70.53 M NEO available for supply

NEO is priced between $17 at the time of writing this article. It has been consistent since its launch.

NEO certainly has high potential because of its advanced technology and relatively low price.

Neo ranked 9th on the list of the best cryptocurrency to invest in now 2019.

Check the real-time stats of NEO

10. Stellar (Lumen)

one of the top cryptocurrencies to buy now 2019

Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people.

Integrate to move money quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost.

Stellar and Ripple coin are similar to each other created with the same mission.

Its co-founder is Jed McCaleb ( founder of world first Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox ).

Stellar has $2.18 B market cap and sixth most tradable cryptocoin on the trading platforms and its price is hovering around $0.10.

Stellar has a huge potential and certainly is one of the best cryptocurrency to buy now.

If you are prepared to invest for longterm than I can assure you it will increase 2x to 5x in coming Years

I also invested $500 in Stellar after digging deep into the technicalities and usability of the coin. Hopefully, it will yield a good profit.

Check the real-time and historical market stats of XLM

11. IOTA

IOTA coin one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in now 2019

IOTA, which stands for Internet of Things Application, is betting on the future of connected devices, as its name implies. The coin name itself makes it one of the best cryptocurrency to watch out.

As the number of transactions grows over the internet due to more number of connected devices. Hence to settle transactions will require Micro and Nano payment structure.

IOTA will enable the micro and even nano-transactions due to the unique IOTA Tangle architecture.

The tangle ledger is able to settle transactions with zero fees.

Hence devices can trade exact amounts of resources on-demand, as well as store data from sensors and dataloggers securely and verified on the ledger.

IOTA uses authenticated communication channels between devices.

All data which is transferred through IOTA is fully authenticated and tamper-proof — making attacks impossible.

IOTA price is hovering around $0.4 at the time of writing the article and there is 2.17 B MIOTA available for supply.

IOTA is the 17th most tradable crypto asset on the altcoin trading platforms.

Check the real-time market stats of the IOTA

12. NEM

one of the best cryptocurrency to buy now 2019

NEM is a blockchain project that is developed to help companies and industries to improve things like payments and logistics.

It’s trying to differentiate itself from other top cryptocurrencies by making its blockchain highly customizable.

This is how NEM is described on its official website

“NEM’s blockchain platform was designed and coded from the ground up for scale and speed.

NEM’s permission private blockchain delivers industry-leading transaction rates for internal ledgers.

And its revolutionary consensus mechanism and the Supernode program ensure that NEM’s open, public blockchain can grow without ever compromising throughput or stability”.

NEM has a market cap of $888.22 M and priced around $0.09 at the time of writing this post.

There is a total of 9.0 B NEM available for supply

NEM undeniably is one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in now (2019) (especially, for those who are looking for future higher ROI). 

NEM is currently the 21st most tradable cryptocoin at the trading platforms and ranked among the top cryptocurrencies to lookout

Check the complete market stats of NEM

13. Ethereum classic

Ethereum classic one of the most tradable cryptocoin - top cryptocurrencies to buy now

Ethereum Classic is an updated part of the original Ethereum blockchain. As the entire Ecosystem of Ethereum blockchain runs on smart contracts so does Ethereum classic. 

A smart contract is just a phrase used to describe computer code that can facilitate the exchange of money, content, property, shares, or anything of value.

When running on the blockchain a smart contract becomes like a self-operating computer program that automatically executes when specific conditions are met.

In 2016 a decentralized autonomous organization called The DAO, a set of smart contracts developed on the platform, raised a record US$150 million in a crowd sale to fund the project, just to have almost a third stolen by the hacker.

The event shook the online community, leading to a huge price drop.

Even though hackers did steal worth 50$million Ether.

But they were not able to access them because DAO smart contracts stated that if any of the invested Ether token taken out of DAO.

They will not be accessible for 28 days.

Following the attack on the DAO in 2016, Ethereum was split into Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) which was first blockchain network hard fork.

The hard fork is not backward compatible.

Which means to access your invested Ether token you have to join upgraded version. Otherwise, you will not receive any updates and won’t able to interact with upgraded system users.

Hence technically to access Ether token you have to join upgraded version.

Ethereum classic is an upgraded version of Ethereum.

ETC does make in our list of best cryptocurrency to invest in now 2019 because of its close proximity to Ethereum but it has proved this argument right till now.

ETC is the 20th most tradable cryptocoin at the trading platforms

Check the real-time market stats of ETC

There are few other best cryptocurrency to invest in now 2019 with huge potential. Their trading volume has increased rapidly in the past 6 months.

  1. EOS 
  2. Tron
  3. Tether (USDT)
  4. Tezos
  5. Ontology
  6. OmiseGo
  7. Vechain
  8. Bitcoin SV
  9. Bytecoin
  10. BitcoinGold
  11. Qtum
  12. Maker
  13. Chainlink
  14. OKB
  15. Huobi token

You can click on the cryptocurrency name to check its current and historical market stats.

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