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More than 1200 War theme NFTs are sold in Ukraine in a day

A few days back Ukraine has announced the creation of War Theme NFTs for the Ongoing Russia and Ukraine war. And now they have started selling and creating these NFTs. War theme NFTs will be sold for ETH(Ethereum) 0.15 (USD 468) per piece.

Ukraine’s recently opened “NFT museum” – Meta History: Museum of War 

The Museum of war has already sold 1,282 NFTs artworks, raising Ethereum (ETH) 190 (USD 653,000), on the first day of the sales, per data from the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

Reason For War Theme NFTs creation

The Collection of these war’s NFTs will be used to rebuild the museums, theaters, and other cultural institutions destroyed by Russian occupiers.

Moreover, the NFT-Museum team is preparing “a world auction, which will include the first 4 artworks of Ukrainian artists and the artworks of the winners of the international competition PROSPECT100.” Only owners of NFT from the Meta History Museum collection can take part in the auction, according to the ministry. 

At the launch of the NFT Museum, the Ministry of Digital Transformation said The mission of the project is to “preserve the memory of the real events of that time, to spread truthful information among the digital community in the world, and to collect donations for the support of Ukraine,”.

NFTs will be created in chronological order and  “artists will depict how the war is perceived by the peaceful population of sovereign Ukraine — from its full outbreak to the moment of the Ukrainian victory celebration,” per the Museum website.

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