NFT Collection of the war

NFTs Collection of the war To Be Launch by Ukrainian Government

The Ukrainian deputy minister of digital transformation, Alex Bornyakov, confirmed that the government will be launching a non-fungible token- NFTs collection, as a historical account of the atrocities currently happening in the country, attacked by Russia.

what Bornyakov said on NFTs Collection

The NFTs collection would be “like a museum of the Russian-Ukrainian war. We want to tell the world in NFT format.”

Bornyakov further added that each token will carry a piece of art that represents a story from a trusted news source, stating:

“We want it to be cool, good-looking, and it takes time.”

It was announced several days ago that the previously discussed airdrop will be canceled, with NFTs collection taking its place.

Speaking of Ukraine’s “digital diplomacy”, Bornyakov claimed that it had brought results, as a number of social media platforms – which he described as one of the Kremlin’s weapons in this war – are blocking Russian state media content or labeling it. “Most of their weapons are disabled. At this point, after two weeks. So this is what I’m calling positive results,” he said last week.

NFTs Collection of Ukrain and Russia war
NFTs Collection of the war To Be Launch by Ukrainian Government - NFTs Collection of Ukrain and Russia war

The donations via crypto and NFTs collection keep coming into the country as well, with Bornyakov saying recently that the funds are being used to buy military equipment, among other necessities.

According to data collated by Merkle Science, Ukraine has already received over $88 million in cryptocurrency donations alone, and the government currently has about $7 million in Ethereum in its wallet. The Ukrainian government has been asking for financial support in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Polkadot, Dogecoin, TRON, Solana, and NFTs.

Meanwhile, cryptocurrency wallet Metamask and NFT marketplace OpenSea are banning all accounts based in the sanctioned countries by the US government. This development comes as the US and its allies imposed sanctions on Russia following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

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