Bybit derivatives exchange review – Trading features, fees, is it safe & legit? 2022

About Bybit

ByBit exchange is an emerging cryptocurrency derivatives margin trading platform, established in March 2018. ByBit is headquartered in Singapore and the company-operated Exchange is registered in the British Virgin Islands.

ByBit’s co-founder and current CEO are Ben Zhou, a crypto and forex expert from Singapore. Prior to founding ByBit, Zhou worked as the China general manager at XM.

XM is one of the leading forex and CFD trading platform

Bybit’s core team comprises professionals from investment banking, and the Forex industry, as well as being early blockchain adopters.

The technological team has been working for companies like Morgan Stanley, Tencent, Ping’an Bank, and Nuoya Fortune in the past.

Despite its relatively short tenure, Bybit is proving extremely popular among the crypto traders community and building its member base at an impressive rate.

In this article, we will make an in-depth detailed review of the ByBit Exchange discussing services offered by the trading platform. It’s Features, Fees, Trading methods, supported cryptocurrencies, Payment methods, countries supported, and end by analyzing whether ByBit is safe and Legit to trade?

ByBit Exchange Services and features

ByBit exchange is a proper cryptocurrency derivatives platform where you can trade perpetual contracts. Now you might be wondering What are derivatives and perpetual contracts? So First let us understand perpetual contracts or also known as perpetual futures and perpetual swaps.

bybit exchange
ByBit Trading Option

What are derivatives?

The concept of derivatives originated from Mathematics. It referred to a value or a variable that has been derived from another variable. When we talk in terms of the financial market, the derivative is an instrument that is derived from some financial market products. Its price is dependent on the value of the underlying asset from which it is derived. In our case, that underlying asset is a cryptocurrency.

When you are trading contracts, you are not actually buying or selling cryptocurrencies directly but rather a contract that refers to the currency. And when you trade contracts that derive their value from a cryptocurrency these are referred to as the cryptocurrency derivatives.

What are perpetual future contracts?

A futures contract is an agreement between two or more parties to buy or sell the crypto for a set price at a pre-determined time and predetermined date in the future.

For example, you and I can set up a contract to trade 1 Bitcoin for $10,000 or $20000 on a specific date let’s say 1st January 2021. This guarantees a set price for Bitcoin no matter the market value of Bitcoin on the 1st of January 2021. We have to be obliged to the agreement.

So futures are designed to counter the price volatility of the cryptocurrencies and guarantee traders a fixed price of their crypto.

Now perpetual contract works the same as future but with a difference. Unlike futures, perpetual contracts do not have an expiry date.

Hence traders can hold perpetual contracts as long as they want. But as there is no expiry date in perpetual futures contracts it means there are certain other added conditions to meet in order to maintain the contract. Not fulfilling the required conditions can get your contract liquidated.

Bybit offers BTC/USD, ETH/USD, EOS/USD, and XRP/USD perpetual contracts.

ByBit exchange Leverage

Leverage trading or sometimes referred to as margin trading means borrowing funds from a trading platform for trading.

Initial margin

The initial margin is the percentage of the amount trader have to deposit in the initial position as collateral for their trades.

Bybit exchange trading platform provides leverage up to 100x. This means you are using a $100 initial margin you can leverage it to $10000.

If the price goes up by 1% then you can make a 100% profit on the trade.

But leverage trading is a double edge sword as it increases the cryptocurrency market volatility 100 times.

So if the price decreases by $1 you actually lose $100 resulting in all your initial investment being liquidated

At ByBit exchange, the amount of leverage on offer will depend on the derivative contract you plan to trade.

You can have max leverage up to 100x on BTC/USD and ETH/USD.

On the other hand, you can have max leverage up to 50x on XRP/USD and EOS/USD contracts.

On ByBit Exchange, Each perpetual contract size is only worth 1USD which is much smaller than the contracts on other margin trading platforms like Bitmex, Okex Exchange

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Note – Unlike other margin trading platforms leverage can be changed even after opening a position at the ByBit exchange.

Maintenance Margin

On the Bybit exchange platform, to maintain your perpetual contract you also need to pay a maintenance margin. On USDT contracts, the Maintenance Margin starting value is 0.5% of the total contract value. As soon as the margin value becomes less than the required value your contract will get Liquidated.

For example, You start a long position of 1 BTC at USDT 10,000 with 100x leverage.

In this case, the initial margin value will be 100 USDT and the maintenance margin value will be 50 USDT. In this case, you can take unrealized losses up to (100 -50) USDT i.e. 50 USDT below this value your contract will get liquidated.

Liquidation and Insurance fund

Liquidation happens when you have depleted your initial margin

When a liquidated order is closed at a price worse than the bankrupt price, Bybit exchange uses the balance of the Insurance Fund to close the gap and mitigate the losses on contracts.

An insurance fund is generally used during extreme market conditions when trades can’t be executed in time to liquidate contracts.

The insurance fund balance increases and decreases depending on the price difference between the final Liquidation Price and the Bankruptcy Price during the liquidations

As mentioned above if the liquidation price is worse than the Bankruptcy Price, the insurance fund will cover the contract loss. And in contrast, When the liquidation price is better than the Bankruptcy Price, the remaining margin will be added to the Insurance Fund. Hence Liquidation fund is funded using a percentage of collateral from liquidated traders.

Bybit has a number of tools that help traders to avoid the risk of liquidation

Stop-loss mechanism

Effective stop-loss on the positions prevents the position from reaching the rates to the liquidation level.

Dual price mechanism

In order to lower the risks of market manipulation on the exchange. Bybit exchange will use a dual price mechanism as the contract reference price by introducing the marked price (global Bitcoin price) which triggers liquidation and the last traded price which calculates the price at which the position is closed (ByBit market price)

Auto-Deleveraging System

This mechanism gets activated when a position can’t be liquidated at a price that is better than the bankruptcy price and the insurance fund is insufficient to cover the gap. In this case, this system can automatically deleverage the position of a trader based on preset settings.

Register at the ByBit exchange

To get started on the Bybit exchange, click on register in the top right corner.


You can create your account either by providing your email address or can enter your phone number at ByBit Exchange.

Then add your password and press register. You will receive a confirmation email or SMS on your phone number with a code.

Then confirm your account registration by entering that verification code.

The best part of the ByBit Derivatives trading platform is that you don’t need to get your account KYC verified to start trading.

Bybit exchange Deposit and Withdrawal

In order to deposit funds to your account, go to My Assets. Here you can see all the available coins you can deposit into your account. Select the wallet you wish to top up funds for.

Bybit derivatives exchange review - Trading features, fees, is it safe & legit? 2022 - Bybit-exchange-review-2020-1

On the right-hand side, you can click on ’Deposit’ and a unique wallet address will be created. Where you need to send your chosen cryptocurrency i.e Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), EOS, Tether (USDT), or RIPPLE (XRP)

bybit deposit and withdrawal scaled

Your funds will be reflected in your account only after the first confirmation. So you have not to wait for long for trading. There is no minimum deposit at ByBit exchange.

Likewise To withdraw funds from your wallet, go again to My Assets and click on Withdraw at the right of the specific coin you want to withdraw.

To withdraw funds you need to setup Google 2-FAuthentication. Afterr setting up 2 Factor authentication. A new screen will popup where you have to enter the coin wallet address.

bybit exchange withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal is set for each cryptocurrency is usually equals to the twice of the average mining fee applicable on the network.

ByBit allows withdrawal three times a day, at 8:00AM, at 4:00PM and at 00:00AM. And every withdrawal request is processed manually.

ByBIT exchange Rewards Bonus – Get a $500 Bonus on a deposit of 1.5 BTC

Bybit derivatives exchange review - Trading features, fees, is it safe & legit? 2022 - Bybit-exchange-review-2020-1

Get $20 sign up bonus

Net Deposit Bonus (in BTC) during promo period (all deposits – withdrawals)

  • Get $500 Deposit Bonus on a deposit of > 1.5 BTC
  • Get $300 Bonus on a deposit of > 0.5 BTC
  • Get $100 Bonus on a deposit of > 0.1 BTC
  • Get $50 deposit bonus on a deposit of > 0.05 BTC

Use Code WIN$500 to claim the $500 bonus upon deposit (till 10th Dec)

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Trading at ByBit Exchange

As I mentioned earlier ByBit is an advanced trading platform that is equipped with all advanced tools and premium technology required from a margin trading platform.

At the top of the screen You can switch between the BTC, ETH, EOS, XRP perpetual futures contracts as you can sell below.

bybit trading platform interface

There is a full-featured chart provided by TradingView where you can select all the indicators and charting tools. Trading view charts help traders in analyzing the trends. You can also follow the market depth at a certain point in time. The order book is updated live on the middle screen.

You can see live order book and recently executed orders in the middle of the trading interface. On the right, you have the order forms or order types as well as your contact details. You can also see the leverage module. Where you can set the leverage for your order.

ByBIt exchange is highly customizable and modular. You can detach, resize and move the position of the module anywhere at the interface according to your need.

Scrolling down from the main interface you have other important trading information. You will see the module where you can view your current open positions or orders. On Right, you can see recent market activities and your assets overview

Just right you can see “ADL ranking” indicator. This will show where your order is currently positioned for potential deleveraging in the case ADL is activated.

ByBit Order matching engine is able to execute a total of 100,000 transactions per second per contract.

So for every new cryptocurrency or assets they add. Their matching engine will have a capability of 100,000 transactions per second for that newly added asset.

Because of the volatility in the price of the cryptocurrencies it is really important to be able to match both sides of the order book instantly.

Order Types

Bybit exchange has advanced order functionality. It allows you to customize your entry levels but it also allows you to manage risk at exit levels.

To place your order, you can see the order form as you can see in the above image. The Exchange allows its users to open both long and short positions.

If you think price will rise then open a long position, and if price will fall than open a short position

There are three order types at the ByBit exchange. Market order, Limit order, and conditional order. You can adjust the leverage, price, and quantity in the order types.

Market Order

In this order type, you simply select the amount of Crypto that you wish to buy or sell and then place the Long or Short position, accordingly.

The order will be filled at the best available market price of the Bitcoin on the order book.

bybit derivatives exchange market order

Limit Order

In Limit order type you can set the price at which you wanted your order to be executed.

For example, If a bitcoin is currently trading at $9161. You wanted to open a long position but at a lower price i.e. $9100. You can set the price to be 9000$. Your order will be filled as soon as the Bitcoin price falls to $9100.

bybit exchange limit order

Conditional order

Conditional orders are best suited to more experienced traders.

When you place a conditional order, you have to enter a trigger price along with the direction, quantity, and leverage.

The trigger is the price at which your order will enter the order book. So, your order will become either a market or limit order once the trigger price is reached.

bybit exchange conditional order type

When you place a limit or conditional order there is a certain order life. It means how long the order will remain open until it will be killed. Below are the additional order options you can use to maintain the order.

Good-Till-Cancelled (GTC)

This is an order that won’t be killed until you decided to close it.

Immediate-or-Cancel (IOC)

In this kind of order type. The order will be filled or executed immediately at the best price.

If some portion of your order doesn’t fill at the best price. That unfilled portion of the order will get canceled. This order type allows partial order execution.

Fill or Kill (FOK)

As the name suggests this order either filled at the best price in entirety or not at all. This order type doesn’t allow partial order to be filled or executed unlike (IOC)

On top of these orders options, You can set your limit and conditional order as a “Post Only”. This option will ensure that your order is filled as a “maker” and you will receive the maker fee.

To partially or fully close a position, use a Take Profit Limit Order option, meaning a position is closed when a certain level of profit is met.

You can also set your limit order a “Reduce Only” order. This option ensures that the order will only be executed if it reduces your position. Otherwise, the order will get canceled.

You can set your conditional order type to “Close on Trigger” it can be used in combination with conditional stop losses. This option ensures your stops reduce your position and don’t increase it.

There is also a tool named “position calculator”. This tool calculates your Profit / Loss and ROE on target levels. It can also be used to check your order liquidation level.

Inverse perpetual contract vs USDT perpetual contract at ByBit exchange

ByBit Exchange offer two types of perpetual contract. They differ according to what margin is used.

bybit exchange inverse vs usdt perpetual contract

For the USDT perpetual contract, the underlying margin used is Tether.

Tether is a stablecoin that is equivalent to 1 USD. So, the dollar value of your collateral will remain the same.

For Inverse perpetual contract the underlying margin is used in the cryptocurrency itself.

For example if you are trading BTC/USD Perpetual contract then the margin will be used in the BTC.

The calculated margin and Profit or loss of USDT perpetual contract is more direct in comparison to Inverse perpetual contract.

When trading 1 BTC and the price moves by 100 USDT, the profit or loss of the trader will be 100 USDT. 

Usually Profit and loss chart of USDT perpetual contract is more linear

The inverse perpetual contract is slightly more risky than the USDT perpetual contract.

Because margin is calculated in cryptocurrency and holding a cryptocurrency itself involves a risk.

On the other hand, USDT perpetual contract uses stablecoin (tether) as margin thus, traders do not have to hedge their position to avoid the risk of holding the cryptocurrency. 

If you are trading any contract which is not in Bitcoin. Then that contract has to be an inverse perpetual contract.

The coin used as a margin in an inverse perpetual contract is quoted in USD.

On ByBit exchange you can trade with as low as 1 USD because each inverse perpetual contract is 1 USD in value.

On the other hand USDT perpetual contract is written on 1 BTC.

Isolated Margin and Cross Margin

ByBit leverage exchange offers two margin mode to minimize the risk of liquidation. Isolated Margin and Cross Margin

Isolated margin

If you select an Isolated margin, it will result in the margin being placed into a position isolated from an account balance. After this, no additional margin is transferred from the account balance to the position.

This minimizes risks if liquidation occurs Because the initial margin used in the position is the only amount you can lose if your position gets Liquidated.

It can be useful in highly leveraged positions, and can be used for making quick profits from market volatility.

On the other hand your order can be liquidated very quickly if market moves to opposite side.

Isolated margin is the default option if you use leverage.

Cross Margin

When you select cross margin all available balances will be combined in order to prevent a liquidation.

So, if you have open multiple positions for a trading pair then all positions margin will be included if liquidation occurs

Cross Margin is the default option, when a position is open without leverage. 

Liquidations are a lot less likely to occur if you are using cross margin. However, In case of liquidation all your balance will be lost

For beginners, isolated margin is far better option than cross margin.

It allows you to adjust the margin but you also have full control of your risk on a particular position.

In Inverse perpetual contracts isolated margin is set by default

Fees – ByBit Exchange review

There is no deposit fee at ByBit Exchange.

For cryptocurrency withdrawals, you have to pay the miner fee to the network ( no additional withdrawal fee is charged by ByBit Exchange)

There will be a 0.1% fee charged for each assets exchange request

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For trading ByBit uses a maker-taker fee model.

The taker only need to pay 0.075% after each perpetual contract, this fee is one of the lowest among Cryptocurrency exchange platform.

ByBit exchange even goes beyond this and provide additional maker fee rebate:

For makers, they apply a negative (!) fee of 0.025%, Hence Exchange effectively pay you for trading at ByBit providing liquidity to the market

bybit inverse perpetual contract trading fee

Trading fee for Inverse perpetual contract

  • Trading Fee = Position Value x Trading Fee Rate
  • Position value = Quantity / Executed Price

For example, if Trader A buys 10,000 BTC/USD contracts using market order and Trader B sells 10,000 BTC/USD contracts via limit order.

Assuming the execution price is 8,000 USD

Taker fee for Trader A = 10,000/8,000 x 0.075% = 0.0009375 BTC
Maker rebate for Trader B = 10,000/8,000 x -0.025% = -0.0003125 BTC

Hence after order execution, Trader A will pay 0.0009375 BTC of the Taker trading fee

And Trader B will receive 0.0003125 BTC of the Maker rebate.

Trading fee for USDT perpetual contract

bybit exchange usdt perpetual contract trading fee
  • Trading Fee = position Value x Trading Fee Rate
  • Position value = Quantity x Executed Price

For example If Trader A buys 10 BTC contract via Market order and Trader B sells 10 BTC contract using Limit order.

Assuming that the execution price is 8000 USDT

Taker fee for Trader A = 10 x 8000 x 0.075% = 60 USDT
Market rebate for Trader B = 10 x 8000 x -0.025% = -20 USDT

Hence, upon order execution, Trader A will be paying 60 USDT of Taker trading fee and Trader B will be receiving 20 USDT of Maker rebate.

Funding fee

A position funding fee is also applicable on the ByBit exchange which is exchanged between the long positions and the short positions.

The funding fee ensure that exchange prices stay attach to the global spot price.

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The funding rate is flat 0.01% for all cryptocurrencies and updated regularly in every 8 hours.

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A positive funding rate in your trading history means you have paid a funding rate, while a negative rate means you received funding.

ByBit Exchange does not pay or receive any of these funding rates.

Funding rates are exchanged between the traders at ByBit Exchange in every 8 hours.

When the funding rate is positive long position holders pay the funding to short position holders and if the funding rate is negative than the short position holders pay the long position holders

Remember, You are not charged when you close your position before the funding interval.

Funding fee for Inverse Perpetual contract

  • Funding fee = position value x funding rate
  • Position value = quantity of contract/mark price

For example If Trader A holds a long position of 10,000 BTC/USD contracts and the Mark Price is 8,000 USD.

Assuming the funding rate is 0.01%. the position value will be 10,000/8,000=1.25 BTC, and the the funding fee will be 1.25 BTC x 0.01% = 0.000125 BTC

Hence, trader A will be paying a funding fee of 0.000125 BTC and a short position holder will receive funding worth 0.000125 BTC.

Funding fee for USDT perpetual contract

  • Funding Fee = Position Value x Funding Rate
  • Position Value = Quantity of Contract x Mark Price

For example

Trader A holds a long position of 10 BTC contracts and the Mark Price is 8,000 USDT.

The current funding rate at 0.01%.

The position value will be 10 x 8000 = 80,000 USDT, and the the funding fee will be 80,000 x 0.01% = 8 USDT

As the funding rate is positive (0.01%). Hence, Trader A will be paying a funding fee of 8 USDT and a short position holder with the same quantity of contracts will receive the same funding fee.

ByBit Supported Cryptocurrencies

Bybit exchange supports 5 top cryptocurrencies currently.

Fiat currency is not available currently for perpetual contracts.

  1. Bitcoin crypto (BTC)
  2. Ethereum crypto (ETH)
  3. Ripple coin (XRP)
  4. EOS coin (EOS)
  5. Tether coin (USDT)

You can easily exchange cryptocurrencies with each other at asset Exchange page

There is a fixed 0.1% fee charged for each exchange order

bybit asset exchange

Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum using Fiat currency at ByBit exchange

ByBit Exchange has recently added the feature to buy bitcoin and Ethereum using the Fiat Currency directly from the Exchange

bybit exchange buy bitcoin and ethereum with fiat currency

There are multiple payment methods available to buy bitcoin and ethereum at bybit exchange.

Type of payment method available depends on Fiat you are using to buy the Bitcoin and Ethereum

For (USD) Credit & debit card is supported, For EURO & GBP ( Visa and MasterCard as well as bank transfer or SEPA is supported)

Like wise For (INR) Fiat UPI payment method is supported.

Note: Fee is included in the Exchange rate itself

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Payment methods supported to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum at ByBIT Exchange

  • Visa and Master card (USD)
  • Bank Transfer (GBP) and SEPA (EURO)
  • UPI (INR)

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Supported Fiat Currency at ByBit Exchange

  • GBP (Pound)
  • EUR (Euro)
  • USD (US Dollar)
  • AUD (Australian dollar)
  • INR (Indian National Rupee)
  • CAD (Canadian dollar)
  • HKD
  • JPY
  • KRW
  • IDR
  • PHP
  • SEK
  • SGD
  • THB
  • MYR
  • RUBEL (Russian rubel)
  • PLN (Polish Zloty)
  • TRY
  • VND
  • DKK
  • CZK
  • CNY
  • CHF

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ByBit Exchange Supported Countries

ByBit exchange is available worldwide except below countries

United States, Cuba, Quebec, Crimea, Sevastopol, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Antigua or Barbuda.

ByBit Mobile app

bybit mobile app

ByBit derivatives Exchange also provides it’s services on Mobile app.

The app’s interface is clean and very easy to navigate. You can enjoy all ByBit services on the go using the mobile app

I have tried it myself and it is very user friendly and doesn’t lag at all unlike other Margin trading platform.

It is available for both android and IOS

ByBit testnet

ByBit margin trading platform provides a demo platform. You can access all the features of the real ByBit exchange at the Demo platform.

It largely helps beginners as well as pro crypto traders to improve their trading skills and get used to the platform.

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Demo platform can prove to be an invaluable tool especially when you are trying out new indicators, algorithms or ideas

It is a great way to get a sense of how trading perpetual contracts work before trying your real funds and it also prepares you mentally for trading.

You can access the platform on In order to fund your account you need to get your bitcoins from the testnet faucet.

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ByBit Customer Support And Referral Program

ByBit does offer an outstanding user experience and customer support is an integral part of it.

In order to achieve this, they offer 24/7 customer support via live chat and Email.

Customer support Response will be with in minutes on live chat.

On top of this ByBit provides support in multiple languages. ByBit exchange has an extensive FAQ section that covers common questions that users may have.

ByBit maintains a strong Social media presence. Social media channels include a Telegram group, Twitter account, and Facebook page which helps to keep them easily accessible.

Bybit offers an exciting referral program. For every new member that you are able to refer, you will receive the Bitcoin worth $20.

Referred user does need to deposit at least $100 for you to receive the referral bonus.

ByBit rewards hub

Bybit Exchange offers a vast amount of rewards coupon and initial funding offers for new users.

bybit rewards hub

These includes a $50 dollar bonus for funding the account. Following their twitter account.

bybit exchange review rewards hub

The exchange also offers weekly flash deals and rewards for active traders on the trading platform like you can see in above image.

ByBit ongoing reward BonusGrab Your $620 Rewards now

ByBIT Reward Bonus

To claim the additional $620 bonus on deposit – Use code WIN$500

Claim $20 Sign up bonus  

Security – ByBit Exchange review

Security is the key concern and the operation’s focus ByBit margin trading platform. Below are the security strategies implied by the platform

For those traders that would like to try the platform out in demo mode, they can make use of the Bybit testnet. Demo accounts are a great way to get a sense of how the orders work before depositing funds.

  • As a derivative trading platform, it is naturally immune from fiat-crypto exchange risks and ICO/IEO related securities policy risks
  • On top of debt-free operations, the Bybit exchange has achieved sustainable profitability, making it possible to avoid counterparty and performance risks. 
  • Bybit exchange restricts the maximum order and position size to protect ordinary traders On top of this, the Dual price mechanism protects traders from wrong liquidations caused by market manipulation.
  • The “Exchange Transparent Assets” program by BitUniverse allows any user to review Bybit’s platform assets. Bybit Exchange timely reconciles and monitors users’ assets.
  • To secure your coins on the Exchange. Bybit has built an industry-leading cold wallet system that comes with an in-built solutions hierarchy. Each and every wallet address provided to a user is a cold wallet address. Assets consolidation and withdrawals are completed by offline signatures.
  • Cryptocurrency withdrawal requests are processed manually
  • ByBit employees are subjected to stringent background checks, compulsory security training, and assessment for internal security control.
  • For your account security, two-factor authentication is provided either with SMS authentication or Google two-factor authentication app
  • The email address linked to your account cannot be changed or altered for any reason to ensure your account access security
  • ByBit promises that the data of accounts and transactions will never be compromised due to a system error. Otherwise, ByBit guarantees to bear the full cost of such error.

Conclusion – Is ByBit Safe And Legit To Use?

Although ByBit is relatively a new derivative trading platform. But Exchange has become extremely popular among the crypto community quite quickly. The platform focuses greatly on security and did their best to ensure the safest possible trading environment you can achieve in derivatives margin trading.

ByBit is without a doubt a safe and legit exchange to use and trade derivatives. ByBit has emerged as a strong alternative to more established margin trading platforms such as BitMEX. exchange review 2021

ByBit is a well-built platform with an intuitive trading interface including a solid range of technical, security, and trading features

ByBit testnet allows extensive demo trading experience for both beginners as well as pro-crypto traders to learn ins and outs of the perpetual contracts and get used to the real trading environment of the platform

No KYC requirements along with no deposit or withdrawal limit suits traders looking to trade in huge amount anonymously.

The high liquidity of the platform allows traders to take advantage of crypto market volatility by making swift deposits to the platform

The recent addition of Fiat gateway to buy Ethereum and Bitcoin with Fiat currency provides a nice touch to the platform. And allows traders to buy Bitcoin with multiple payment methods directly to their account

ByBit exchange has able to build a loyal community of crypto traders in such a short time. And If you want to enter the world of margin trading then ByBit won’t prove a bad decision.

Note – If you are beginner then at least spent few hours on ByBit testnet demo trading platform

Always use cryptocurrency hardware wallet to store your cryptocurrencies

Grab $20 Sign up Bonus 

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Frequently asked Questions

Does ByBit Exchange offers a sign up bonus?

ByBit Exchange offers a multitude of bonuses for new and active users up to $90. There is a $50 deposit bonus for new users. To claim the bonus, you have to follow their social media channels, and actively trade for continuous 10 days. There are also regular weekly offers and promotional bonuses.

What is ByBit TestNet?

ByBIT Testnet is for those traders who would like to try the platform out in demo mode. Demo accounts are a great way to get a sense of the platform and get used to the basics of trading without depositing the funds.
You can access their testnet on In order to fund your account, you have to claim coins from the ByBit Testnet faucet.

What are the best alternatives to ByBit derivatives trading platform?

Bitmex, OKEx, Coinbase, PrimeXBT, and are a few of the best alternatives to the ByBit derivatives exchange.

Does ByBit exchange is available in India?

Yes, ByBIT offers its services in India. You can even by bitcoin with UPI in INR from the Exchange.

Which countries are not supported by ByBit Exchange?

ByBIT Exchange is available worldwide other than the United States, Cuba, Quebec, Crimea, Sevastopol, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Antigua or Barbuda.

ByBit Margin Trading Exchange
Ease of use
Trading features
Advanced margin trading platform
High Liquidity Levels
Low fee
No KYC required, trade anonymously
Allows buying bitcoin with Fiat currency
Not available in US
Relatively new in market
Visit now

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