Binance and IIT Delhi collaborate

Binance and IIT Delhi collaborate on a cultural festival, including NFT tickets as a part of the event.

Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, and blockchain platform is supporting a few competitions at the festival.

IIT Delhi to Organise “Cryptocon”

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Delhi) teamed with Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain platform, to distribute non-fungible token (NFT) tickets and proof of attendance protocol during its three-day cultural fest ‘Rendezvous’ from April 24 to 26. (PoAP).
NFT tickets were issued to concertgoers on concert nights.

Binance hoped to educate and create awareness about the various use cases of blockchain, such as those exhibited during the festival — NFT tickets, NFT certificates, fan tokens, and PoAP, to name a few — through this partnership.

At the festival, Binance is sponsoring various cryptocurrency and blockchain-related competitions, including “Cryptocon” (a crypto trading competition) and NFTart (a blockchain art competition).

As the festival’s main sponsor, Binance will provide a ‘Crypto for All’ instructional webinar on May 1 as part of the event.

Binance plans to use this webinar to increase investor awareness of crypto and blockchain technology, as well as to award Binance NFT completion certificates to all successful attendees.

“We are pleased to work with IIT Delhi for Rendezvous, where the most outstanding IT students from all around the country are brought together,” said Leon Foong, Binance’s head of APAC, in a blog post. We’re excited to use Binance’s infrastructure and platform to inspire and educate Rendezvous attendees on web3, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.”

Khushpreet Singh-BRCA IIT Delhi Overall Coordinator said that in India, blockchain was an emerging technology and had a lot of room for creativity.

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