binance dogecoin issue

Binance Issue – Request user to return Dogecoin

The world’s biggest crypto exchange Binance is facing an issue on its platform with regard to Dogecoin and asked some of its users to return the DOGE token.

What Is the DOGE token issue ?

In the recent update from the Binance exchange on the DOGE update issue. Earlier this weak DOGE went through an update (1.14.5) which was to resolve a security issue, reduce transaction fees and improve performance.

However, the update has caused trouble for Binance as Binance has informed that it has discovered a “minor issue with DOGE network withdrawals”.

Consequently, the exchange temporarily suspended DOGE coin withdrawals and also contracted Dogecoin’s developer team to resolve it.

The situation has taken another turn for the worse for some of its users, many of which have complaint about it on Twitter and other social network platforms that Binance has asked for the Dogecoin return.

The Chinese journalist Colin Wu also reported on this, saying that some of the transactions that failed years ago have now gone through, meaning that older users have received seemingly lost doge tokens. Wu also added that Binance has been in touch with those clients to return the funds.

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Dogecoin Fee Change is the issue ?

The dogecoin developer’s team confirmed on Twitter that some transactions were indeed stuck on Binance more than a year ago and that the two parties were in contact.

While they were unable to resolve it at the time. DOGE developers updated yesterday that the transaction in question has been relayed successfully following the 1.14.5 update.

binance dogecoin issue
Binance Issue - Request user to return Dogecoin - binance dogecoin issue

The team attributed the success now to the lower transaction fee that came with the new upgrade, which was the initial problem when they were stuck.

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