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Crypto Guides – A list of comprehensive crypto oriented guides

Crypto is a new and growing industry that has captured the attention of many people. Many people are trying to learn about this new and exciting industry. Crypto Guides is a website that provides helpful guides on everything crypto. Our mission is to provide you with the latest and most accurate information about crypto.

These crypto guides will help you in getting a clear picture of the different questions that you might be having in your mind about crypto and its products. I have tried to cover all the aspects of all the crypto products in these crypto guides.

My efforts are to provide all the essential detail in crypto guides to you about Trading, Mining, Buying crypto, Earning crypto, Staking, Airdrop, NFTs, Metaverse, Exchange, Token, Betting, Crypto wallets, and much more.

Below are detailed crypto guides on all the products and hope this will help you in upgrading your knowledge.

Brief Introduction to all Crypto Guides

Below I have shared a few very important crypto guides which are very essential for a beginner. I have covered topics like:

  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • Crypto Mining
  • Buying cryptocurrencies
  • Earning Crypto from various sources
  • Staking cryptos
  • Crypto Airdrop
  • NFTs
  • Metaverse
  • ICO- Initial coin offering
  • Exchange tokens
  • Sports betting tips
  • Crypto wallets
  • Blockchain Games

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Crypto Guides on Trading

Below are crypto guides for cryptocurrency trading, what Cryptocurrency means, and all other useful questions related to Crypto trading. You can also read the CFD trading guide for Beginners.

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Crypto Guides – Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange

The act of speculating on cryptocurrency price movements using a CFD trading account, or buying and selling the underlying coins via an exchange, is known as cryptocurrency trading.

Topics covered in crypto Guides are :

  • Is Crypto trading profitable?
  • How to Trade on Crypto?
  • Is crypto trading profitable?
  • What is the use of cryptos?
  • Is crypto trading safe?

Is crypto trading profitable?

Investing in crypto assets is risky, but it can also be incredibly lucrative. If you want to obtain direct exposure to the demand for digital currency, cryptocurrency is a good investment. Buying the equities of firms with bitcoin exposure is a safer but potentially less rewarding option.

How do you trade on crypto?

Below are the few simple steps that are required to trade with crypto

  1. Make a crypto trading exchange account on any trading platform (Check the best trading platforms list)
  2. Fund your account with the currency accepted by the trading platform
  3. Pick crypto you wish to invest in.
  4. Choose a strategy like a short-term investment or a long-term investment.
  5. Consider automated crypto trading
  6. Store your cryptocurrency in a wallet (Software or Hardware)

Is crypto trading profitable?

Investing in crypto assets is risky, but it can also be incredibly lucrative. If you want to obtain direct exposure to the demand for digital currency, cryptocurrency is a good investment. Buying the equities of firms with bitcoin exposure is a safer but potentially less rewarding option.

What is the use of crypto?

There is much use for crypto today, majorly it is used as an investment to increase your learning. Today there are so many big companies that are accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others as payment options. And we will find more use of it in future.

Is crypto trading safe?

Crypto kept on an exchange or in a wallet is not covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Make sure you trade and store your crypto on a platform with strong security features, such as cold storage for a major portion of your holdings and two-factor verification for users.

Also, check the list of Crypto Exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, OKX, etc.

Crypto Guides On Mining

Cryptocurrency mining is the process by which specialized computers, often known as nodes or mining rigs, validate blockchain transactions for a specific crypto coin in exchange for a mining payout.

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Crypto Guides – Crypto Mining guide

Topics covered in crypto guides on mining are :

  • Different Types of cryptocurrency mining.
  • How to do crypto mining.
  • Is crypto mining profitable?

Different Types of cryptocurrency mining
There are several types of cryptocurrency mining depending on the method you choose. Here are the most popular ways to mine Bitcoin.

ASIC mining
An application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) is a specialized device built for one purpose, and ASIC miners are designed for mining a specific cryptocurrency. These are the most powerful option for Bitcoin mining. New ASICs can cost thousands of dollars, but they’re also the only type of device where you can potentially make a profit from Bitcoin mining.

GPU mining
GPU mining uses one or more graphics cards to mine crypto. A typical “mining rig” is a computer that has one or more high-end graphics cards. This kind of mining is costly upfront because you need to buy the graphics cards. Although it’s popular for mining other types of cryptocurrency, it doesn’t work well for Bitcoin due to the lack of power compared to ASICs.

CPU mining
CPU mining uses a computer’s central processing unit. This is the most accessible way to mine crypto since all you need is a computer, and it worked in the early days of Bitcoin. It’s no longer recommended for mining Bitcoin because CPUs don’t have nearly enough processing power to compete with ASICs.

Cloud mining
Cloud mining involves paying a company to mine crypto for you. Instead of setting up your own mining device, you’re essentially renting one and receiving the profits after maintenance and electricity costs are deducted. While it may sound like a good deal at a glance, cloud mining normally requires committing to a contract, and, if crypto prices fall, you’re unlikely to break even.

Mining pools
A mining pool is a group of crypto miners who pool their resources and share rewards. By working together, miners are much more likely to get the chance to mine new blocks. With Bitcoin mining, it’s very difficult to mine blocks if you’re operating solo. Each mining pool has its own hardware requirements, with most requiring you to have either an ASIC miner or a GPU.

How to do crypto mining?

There are four major steps that are required to start crypto mining.

  1. Get a Crypto Miner from amazon or other providers
  2. Choose a location to mine, it should be well ventilated and cooled as mining generates heat.
  3. Wallet to store crypto, get an online or hardware wallet to store your earned cryptos.
  4. Join the Mining platform to start mining.

Is crypto mining profitable?

CPU mining has never been profitable unless you were one of the first people to mine Bitcoin. There was a period when mining Bitcoin with GPUs was profitable, but today, you actually need an ASIC and a power company arrangement to earn any money mining Bitcoin in 2020. You can also read our guide How to earn Cryptocurrency passive income with mining.

crypto Guides on Crypto Purchase

To own crypto firstly you need to buy crypto from a trading platform or an exchange. There are a large number of crypto to choose from and there are a large number of exchanges also from which you can purchase crypto.

buying cryptos
Crypto guides – Purchasing Cryptocurrency

In our Crypto guides on crypto purchases, we will cover a few topics like

  • How To Buy Cryptocurrency
  • How to Choose crypto before purchase?

How To Buy Cryptocurrency

There is a large number of cryptocurrencies to choose the best value crypto to invest in.

  1. Select a trading platform or exchange
  2. Create your account on the platform
  3. Deposit in your account
  4. Select the crypto you want to purchase and place an order
  5. Select your wallet to store your crypto.

How to Choose crypto before purchase?

There may be several questions in your mind before purchasing a cryptocurrency but do not worry I will help you in choosing a good one. Below are a few factors you should consider before making a purchase.

  1. Market Capitalisation: Check what is the market cap of the crypto you are interested in. Good crypto has a good market cap.
  2. No of Coin in circulation: It is very important to know how many coins are circulated in the market and how much is left over for purchase. The higher the circulation better is the coin.
  3. Usability of the coin: Check for which purpose your coin can be used, so invest in those coins only which have real-life usability.
  4. White paper: White paper gives a brief vision of the coin by its creator, like why it is created, its use case, the technology used, and various others.
  5. Blockchain used: Also check the blockchain or technology used by the coin, as some coins are created on fraud blockchain to do scams.

So kindly check all the above factors before making a crypto purchase.

Crypto Guides to earn cryptocurrency for Free

If you want to own crypto but you do not want to buy it then no need to worry, you can own crypto by earning it. There are so many methods through which one can earn crypto-like Mining, Staking, Faucets, Betting, casinos, and providing services in crypto.

Crypto Guides – Earn free Cryptos

Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular, with many people interested in earning some free cryptocurrency. Several trading platforms provide free crypto on Signup.

Crypto Guides to earn cryptocurrency for Free cover a few ways to earn cryptos like:

  • Faucets
  • Task Sites
  • Mining
  • Staking
  • Betting
  • Casino

Faucets: A faucet is a website that gives out small amounts of cryptocurrency for free. To get started, you need to find a faucet that offers the cryptocurrency you want to earn. There are so many faucets that provided different cryptocurrencies.

Task Sites: There are some task sites that asked users to complete simple tasks and give crypto on completing the task like filling out the survey, watching advertisements, sharing information, and various others.

Mining: Cryptocurrency mining is the process where specialized computers, also known as nodes or mining rigs, validate blockchain transactions for a specific cryptocurrency and, in turn, receive a mining reward for their computational effort. Check the list of the best mining sites.

Staking: Staking cryptocurrency entails pledging your crypto assets to support and confirm transactions on a blockchain network. It’s compatible with cryptocurrencies that process payments using the proof-of-stake approach. This is a less energy-intensive alternative to the proof-of-work concept. Check our crypto staking guide.

Betting: Crypto betting functions similarly to traditional betting, but with the addition of bitcoin. The difference is that cryptocurrency’s price and worth fluctuate a lot. If you have to shift your bitcoins into currency to withdraw, the value will not be the same from when you place the wager to when you cash out. There are so many crypto betting platforms today to bet.

Casino: Crypto casinos are those that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Gamblers use BitCoins to pay for their bets. You have ultimate control and anonymity with these forms of digital currency. First, the players must register and enter their personal information. Check the current best crypto casino

All the above-discussed ways are the popular ways to earn crypto. One can easily earn crypto without any investment.

Crypto Guides on Staking Cryptocurrency

Staking cryptocurrency is a way of earning rewards for holding certain cryptocurrencies.

Staking cryptocurrency entails pledging your crypto assets to support and confirm transactions on a blockchain network. It’s compatible with cryptocurrencies that process payments using the proof-of-stake approach. This is a less energy-intensive alternative to the proof-of-work concept.

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Crypto Guides – Cryptos Staking

Crypto Guides on Staking Cryptocurrency includes

  • How do I start staking in Crypto?
  • Advantages of staking
  • Risks Of Staking – is staking crypto safe?

Read our Full guide on crypto staking for beginners.

How do I start staking in Crypto?

Anyone who wishes to participate in staking is welcome to do so. However, becoming a full validator can necessitate a significant minimum investment (ETH2 requires a minimum of 32 ETH), technical knowledge, and a dedicated computer capable of performing validations at any time of day or night without interruption. Participating at this level has security implications and is a serious commitment, as downtime can result in a validator’s stake being reduced.

However, there is an easier way to participate for the vast majority of individuals. You can contribute an amount you can afford to a staking pool through an exchange like Coinbase. This lowers the entry barrier and enables investors to begin receiving rewards without needing to manage their own validator hardware.

Advantages of staking

Staking improves the security and efficiency of the blockchain initiatives you support. By Staking a portion of your funds, you increase the blockchain’s ability to withstand attacks and conduct transactions.

Risks Of Staking is staking crypto safe?

Staking often requires a lockup or “vesting” period, where your crypto can’t be transferred for a certain period of time. This can be a drawback, as you won’t be able to trade staked tokens during this period even if prices shift. Before staking, it is important to research the specific staking requirements and rules for each project you are looking to get involved with.

Crypto Guides on how to get Free crypto in airdrop

First, let’s check the crypto airdrop meaning you might be aware of Airdrop. An airdrop is an unsolicited distribution of a cryptocurrency token or coin, usually for free, to numerous wallet addresses.

crypto airdrop
Crypto Guides – Crypto Airdrop

Airdrops are often associated with the launch of a new cryptocurrency or a DeFi protocol, primarily as a way of gaining attention and new followers, resulting in a larger user base and a wider disbursement of coins.

Airdrops have been a more important part of ICO after the crypto entrepreneurs have started doing private sales instead of public sales to raise the initial amount.

Crypto Guides on how to get Free crypto in airdrop include:

  • Airdrop working and safety
  • How to receive Crypto Airdrop.

Airdrop working and safety

There are multiple ways to conduct a crypto airdrop:

  1. Have users complete one or multiple small social tasks to qualify for receiving the airdrop at a later date.
  2. Automatically distribute tokens to holders of a particular asset or balance on the blockchain where the airdrop will occur. (For instance, every address with a balance of 0.01 ether or higher gets the airdrop.)
  3. Taking a blockchain snapshot at a previous date and letting users claim their airdrop tokens from the project’s website through a smart contract.

Despite their popularity, however, crypto airdrops aren’t always as risk-free as they seem.

How to receive Crypto Airdrop.

There are a few requirements that need to be fulfilled to participate in an airdrop.

  1. The Participants need to have a cryptocurrency wallet. (crypto airdrop websites mention it before airdrop)
  2. Airdrop condition explained
  3. If you’re eligible, then the claimable amount will be displayed.
  4. The claim will go live at a later date, so make sure to follow their social channels.

Crypto Guides on NFTs – New digital art

NFTs are becoming popular day by day and we can hear about a new NFTs launch every day.

So let’s know what NFTs token means? An NFT is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items, and videos. They are bought and sold online, frequently with cryptocurrency, and they are generally encoded with the same underlying software as many cryptos. (NFT coin)

NFTs world
Crypto Guides on NFTs

NFTs stands for Non Fungible tokens which means they are unique and cannot have safe value as other similar NFTs have. For example, a 100-dollar note I have has the same value as 100 dollar note you have. But an NFT I have does not have the same value as NFT you have, because these NFTs are unique and pose different values.

Crypto Guides on NFTs – New digital art includes topics like

  • Use of NFT
  • What is minting NFTs?
  • How do I send my NFT to someone else?

Use of NFT

NFTs are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain and cannot be replicated. NFTs can represent real-world items like artwork and real estate. “Tokenizing” these real-world tangible assets makes buying, selling, and trading them more efficient while reducing the probability of fraud.

What is minting NFTs?

From paintings to songs and even collectible NBA trading cards, the possibilities are enormous when minting NFTs. It’s a great way of proving authenticity and ownership of creative works.

Before you can start minting your own NFTs, you’re going to need three things:

  • Your song, artwork, or collectible
  • Some crypto to pay the minting fee
  • A cryptocurrency wallet to store your crypto

You’ll also need to pick the blockchain where you will create your non-fungible token. We’ll get into this in more detail later.

How do I send my NFT to someone else?

Once you’ve bought or created your own NFT, you can send it to someone else directly from your wallet. If your wallet has an NFT section, you can simply select any of your NFTs and click the option to send it (Trust Wallet and MetaMask offer this feature).

Note that the recipient of your NFT will have to provide you with the correct deposit address for the type of token you have. If you have an ERC-721 NFT on the Ethereum network, the recipient should send you their Ethereum ERC-721 deposit address from their wallet.

Crypto Guides on Metaverse and its Applications

Have you ever heard about virtual reality, Metaverse is also a kind of virtual reality.

Metaverse meaning: A metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection.

Crypto Guides on Metaverse

Metaverse technology development is often linked to advancing virtual reality technology due to increasing demands for immersion. Recent interest in metaverse development is influenced by Web3, a concept for a decentralized iteration of the internet.

Crypto Guides on Metaverse and its Applications covers topics like

  • Uses of Metaverse token
  • What is Metaverse Token

Uses of Metaverse token

To players, the metaverse game is a social space where they can compete while also socializing with their friends. It has been dubbed “a global living room for millions of gamers”. GameFi, as you know, is a play-to-earn gaming destination that combines video gaming, blockchain technology, and decentralized finance (DeFi).

It is used to live life in a virtual world, where you can do activities like you do every day such as work, play, shop, socialize and travel.

What is Metaverse Token

Metaverse tokens are the currency used by people within the metaverse. Users can create, buy and sell goods as well as tokenized funds. There are a number of promising tokens that are set to increase in value over the coming months. While some metaverse tokens can solely be spent within the metaverse, some are also available on exchanges such as WarziX, Coinbase, and Binance.

Crypto Guides on ICO – What are Initial Coin offerings?

Just like the stock market has IPO (initial public offering ), crypto exchanges have ICO (initial coin offering).

initial call offering ICO
Crypto Guides – ICO

An initial coin offering (ICO) is the cryptocurrency industry’s equivalent of an initial public offering (IPO). A company seeking to raise money to create a new coin, app, or service can launch an ICO as a way to raise funds.

Crypto Guides on ICO cover points like:

  • What is ICO used for?
  • How does an ICO work?
  • How Do I Determine Which ICOs Are Good?

What is ICO used for?

ICOs are another form of cryptocurrency that businesses use in order to raise capital. Through initial coin offering platforms, investors receive unique cryptocurrency “tokens” in exchange for their monetary investment in the business.

How does an ICO work?

Suppose you want to launch a cryptocurrency (Coin) into a crypto world then you can launch it via ICO.

This is how it goes. You design a gorgeous website, write a document that essentially explains how the system would work (called a white paper), and explain why it’s a brilliant idea that may be highly useful.

Then you offer others to send you money (typically cryptocurrency, but you can also accept fiat) in exchange for some of your coins. They believe that your Coin will be widely used and circulated, hence increasing the currency’s value.
It’s crucial to remember that, unlike an initial public offering (IPO), investing in an ICO does not entitle you to a share of the firm you’re supporting.

How Do I Determine Which ICOs Are Good?

Just make sure to do your homework. You need to be way more careful than you’d be when investing in an IPO. Read the white paper, research the team members, and make sure they have a history in cryptocurrency.

You can also use a trusted initial coin offering website like, which only chooses ICOs that they have reviewed and consider to be legit and exciting. While you shouldn’t fully trust any website offering a listing, they can be quite useful.

Crypto Guides on Exchange token

There are many crypto exchanges that can be used to trade with crypto. Some exchanges have their own crypto called exchange tokens.

Exchange based token
Crypto Guides – Exchange tokens

Exchange tokens are something issued by the exchanges in the crypto space as a strategy of fundraising like other companies. Exchange coins value goes far along and it is helpful for smoothly running exchange while giving additional benefits to the holders of the token.

Crypto Guides on Exchange token topics are

  • Benefits of Exchange Token
  • Which is better a coin or token?

Benefits of Exchange Token

A crypto exchange may launch its own token for a variety of reasons, and exchange owners often give tokens to users as incentives. Generally speaking, most exchange tokens are designed to increase an exchange’s liquidity, incentivize trading activity, or facilitate an exchange’s community governance process.

Which is better a coin or token?

A coin usually has money utility. And if you want to invest in one, not for the sake of exchanging it later but to use it, then make sure some vendors actually accept that cryptocurrency. On the other hand, tokens can still be used inside the DApps they are meant for, even when they have no other utility.

Crypto Guides on Sports Betting, Tips, and trick to earn more

Sport is a very essential part of everyone’s life, everyone wants to play some kind of sport. So if you are fond of the sport then you may also like to bet on the sports you like.

Crypto Guides – Sports Betting

There are many platforms that provide sports betting in multiple Sports. So, Sports betting is the activity of predicting sports results and placing a wager on the outcome. How To Choose A Football Betting Site

Before you go for betting on Football and cricket, kindly check the few tips and tricks which can help in winning a bet.

  • How To Choose A betting site online
  • Football Betting Tips and Tricks
  • Cricket Betting Tips And Tricks

How To Choose A betting site online

Betting sites must be demonstrably safe and trustworthy. It should be licensed and regulated and operate legally in the jurisdiction in which it is based. And of course, actually payout all real money winnings!

  • Betting sites must accept deposits in Indian rupees
  • Betting sites must provide convenient deposit and withdrawal methods for Indian players
  • Betting sites must provide betting on Indian sports.
  • Betting sites must provide friendly and helpful customer service.

Football Betting Tips 

Betting is very addictive, one needs to keep the track of losses and profit. Below we will share a few steps which will help in reducing the losses and increase your profit from betting. These all steps are well tested and observed by experts and will provide great assistance for betting.

  • 1. Keep Your Discipline
  • 2. Take Advantage of Bonus Offers
  • 3. Shop Around
  • 4. Do Your Research
  • 5. Keep a Record
  • 6. Don’t Blindly Back Favourites
  • 7. Look at All Available Markets
  • 8.  Limit Your Losses

Cricket Betting Tips And Tricks

Here we will provide a few tips and tricks for selecting betting sites for cricket. Our expert team has checked various facts that will help in selecting betting sites.

  • 1. Step by step guide to placing your first bet
  • 2. In-Play Cricket Betting Guide
  • 3. Cashing Out Cricket Bets
  • 4. Cricket Match Coupons
  • 5. Draw No Bet Markets
  • 6. Draw No Bet In Cricket Betting
  • 7. Double Chance Betting

Crypto Guides on Crypto Wallets and its uses

What is a crypto wallet? Unlike traditional wallets, A cryptocurrency wallet is a device, physical medium, program, or service which stores the public and/or private keys for cryptocurrency transactions.

best cryptocurrency wallets
Crypto Guides – Crypto Wallets

Instead of storing physical currency, the wallet stores the cryptographic information used to access cryptocurrency addresses and send transactions.

Crypto Guides on Crypto Wallets and their uses include:

  • four types of crypto wallets
  • Why are crypto wallets important?

There are four types of crypto wallets

  • Online or Web wallets
  • Desktop, mobile, or software altcoin wallets 
  • Hardware wallets
  • Paper wallets

For more details on crypto wallets read about different types of crypto wallets.

Why are crypto wallets important?

Crypto wallets, unlike traditional wallets, do not store your cryptocurrency. Your assets are stored on the blockchain, but only a private key can be used to access them. Your keys verify that you control your digital currency and allow you to transact with it. You lose access to your funds if your private keys are lost. That is why it is crucial to safeguard your hardware wallet.

Crypto Guides on blockchain-based game

A blockchain-based game is a new type of online game that uses distributed ledger technology (DLT) called a blockchain. The game is based on a virtual world where players can build and manage their own businesses. The game is designed to be secure and tamper-proof, making it a great way for users to learn about DLT.

blockchain games
Crypto Guides – Blockchain Games

In the world of gaming, there are a few dominant platforms. These platforms allow users to interact with one another and compete for rewards.

Crypto Guides on blockchain-based game covers topics like :

  • How do Blockchain games work?
  • Can you make money playing crypto games?

How do Blockchain games work?

Users build decks and play cards to fight and defeat opponents. As a blockchain-based game, players are able to completely own the cards they win and sell or trade them at will. Like physical collectible card games, some cards are incredibly rare and can be valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Can you make money playing crypto games?

Yes, you can make making by playing Blockchain Games. You can earn in cryptos and then convert them into cash. There are so many blockchains that allow you to play games and earn.

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular play-to-earn crypto games out there today. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that Axie Infinity’s in-game currency, Smooth Love Potion (or SLP), can be converted into cash.

Conclusion On Crypto Guides

Hope in Crypto Guides has given you a brief understanding of the different crypto products available currently.

In these crypto guides, I have tried to clear your doubt about various types of questions and the application of cryptos.

There are many different ways to get involved in the world of crypto. Whether you want to trade, mine, buy or earn crypto, there is something for everyone. it’s important to understand the different types of crypto products in order to make informed decisions about where to invest your money. Each type of crypto offers something unique, so it’s important to do your research before investing.

If you’re looking for a place to start, Trading and mining are two great options. Remember to always use a reputable crypto wallet and exchange, and be careful when investing in ICOs and other tokens. Stay safe out there!


Are airdrops safe?

Some onlookers welcomed the Doritos and Capri Sun airdrops, but some others wondered about the security and utility of these tokens. This effect isn't unusual. If you receive a token from an airdrop you didn't initiate, it is best to wait for some time before engaging.

Is crypto staking worth it?

If a platform requires that you purchase a contract, staking might not be right for you, provided that you want a quick trade. If you go for crypto, then it may be more worth it for you to agree to a contract when you want a quick trade. The staking profits just might be gravy for you, though.

What is metaverse used for?

Many of the major video gamers consider video chat to be, in essence, a worldwide living room. GameFi, you're well aware, is a form of play-to-earn platform that integrates video gaming, blockchain technology, and decentralized finance (DeFi).

Is crypto wallet safe?

Online storage is often considered the safer option from an overarching security perspective, and many cryptocurrency holders in turn opt to store their own uncensorable currency in an offline storage device. While keeping your cryptocurrency offline, hackers cannot access it. In some cases, using a cold wallet is a solid investment for large amounts of cryptocurrency.

Is crypto trading a good idea?

Investing in cryptocurrency assets is risky but potentially profitable. Cryptocurrencyal investing is an investment that can provide you with direct digital currency exposure. A safer but potentially less prosperous alternative is to buy the stocks of companies that have cryptocurrency-related exposure.

Is crypto mining legal?

Bitcoin ownership and mining are legal in a growing number of countries. But in some countries it is still not approved, so check it before you start Mining.

Can I directly buy crypto?

You can connect with clear Bitcoin sellers just as you'd do with other regional vendors on classified sites, such as Craigslist, Bitquick, and Bisq's peer-to-peer marketplace. Treat clear Bitcoin sales with extreme caution, as they typically entail greater risk.

Can I earn Bitcoin for free?

Best methods of earning substantial Bitcoins for free include airdrops, bounties, tip bots, referrals, and shopping rewards. You should try a crypto rewards card that offers the surest ways of earning free Bitcoins, but you need to spend some.

How Can I Buy NFTs?

NFTs bought via the NFT market and websites are accessible only via Ether, so it's recommended to purchase them and store them in a secure digital wallet. You can then acquire NFTs through any of the online NFT marketplaces, such as SuperRare, OpenSea, and Rarible.

What is the benefits of blockchain games?

Blockchain games are more reliable and trustworthy than classic online games. Blockchain games are typically controlled without a central authority, and transactions made on the blockchain are public.